boo is right



not good. I just lost a lovely blog entry that I just spent the last twenty minutes typing up using dashblog widget from my dashboard. Now I'm not pointing fingers or anything like that, I know that these things happen from time to time, not everything is perfect... but it's still very annoying because it was a lovely blog post where I talked about the virtues of my job, why I liked it so much, so on and so forth, I made several references to cogs, sabots, being an apple neophyte, my ibook being part of an indoctrination kit, and even a nice little paragraph about how much I appreciate the dictionary/thesaurus widget, and then topped it all off to the question of how/when/where/why did I become a computer geek...

where did it go? can anyone tell me? I hate that it is lost forever and I have no way to retrieve it.


  1. makes you wonder what happened to the good 'ol paper and pencil.

  2. well in my case the pencil and paper aren't that far away... in my beside table in fact.

  3. I just find it interesting how upset we get over technology advances. I have heard people get so upset when their cell phone wont work in a tunnel or over a mountain pass...HELLO!! Like it is such an inconvinence, and we cant be thankfull that phones even exist! I remember when you had to lick a stamp and wait till the neighbor was off the phone so you could use the party line! I am glad we are advancing, dont get me wrong. I just find it interesting how we feel so put out when technology fails us. I dread the day I rely on a computer or a cell phone over good 'ol fashion paper and pencil and some face to face time!And here is something funny..I think this is so good I will cut and paist and add it to my own!!