a few of life's uncertainties...


I'm not going to run the risk of losing another blog post from dashblog, at least not tonight anyhow, so I've returned to the basics (the basics that is just blogger, even barer bones as I'm using Safari and not Firefox). I have no real purpose for this post, I just felt like writing something before bed. I read something interesting today on this site about the projects on the construction of identity and flickr.

A flickr-user deals with the rather abstract audience of the world wide web, which could either be millions or none at all. Nobody would really let millions read their diaries and it is doubtful if there is any "reader" at all. But at least there could be. It is exactly this very vague potential of an audience that makes flickr so successful. The idea of an audience is vague and remote enough not to be threatening but only so vague as to still provide reason for the described practice itself. It justifies the effort itself as well as applying "cosmetic corrections", it makes it possible to reorder the meaning of events in retrospect without lying to oneself. As one user puts it: "...So the site gives me a reason to do things that I enjoy doing, a reason to record things, a reason to take photos because I will publish them"

(I had to switch to firefox here... I was too lazy to remember the proper coding for blockquotes... and now that I'm editing in post I realize that I was right so I didn't need to switch ) This passage here provides (in my mind) and excellent description of my concept of the audience, as well as my justification for posting to flickr and posting to my blog. I could write out some of my thoughts in my journal, but I find that I reserve that only when I am feeling the most dejected and sorry for myself. And thankfully, it's been a while. This is not to say that everything in my life has been marvelful and wonderlous lately, but I haven't had any moments of despair beyond repair.

So here are my thoughts tonight that I am not writing in my journal, but rather for my vague audience to read.
  1. I am not the person that people invite to dinner on their own accord. My dinner invites come almost always through another party where I am a third wheel (albeit a very amusing and entertaining one, I can hold my own once I get through the door). Still,I am an afterthought.
  2. My opinions only have merit when backed by someone else. I need to be less free in offering my ideas to people who don't want to hear things from me.
  3. I have serious energy issues, I should really eat more green vegetables.
  4. I should not walk to work wearing high heeled boots. My legs and feet have cursed me today because of my foolishness on Monday.
And that is all I wanted to say tonight.