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Somehow we've reached the end of August and I am sad for it. The summer is definitely my favourite time of the year although I spend too much time complaining about the heat after the sun and I have had one of our annual run-ins. It's been a busy summer, there was a weekend on the coast, another weekend camping, and plenty of others filled with local festivals or just hanging out with friends late into the evening. I am looking forward to the next seasons though... in October I get to spend a couple days in Toronto (which reminds me, I should let my relatives know I'm coming down) for Nuit Blanche, Christmas is on the coast this year, and I have a stash of yarn that I need to get too. I want one last big summer hurrah though. Hopefully we'll have some warm weather in September, warm enough to warrant a weekend camping somewhere (not that I'm much of a camper, I like it because it is an excuse to lie down and read all day).

This weekend I'll be live blogging two performances of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's Symphony Under the Sky event. My friend (who I will call philharmonica) works for the ESO and has kindly hooked me up with this volunteer gig. Unfortunately I won't be able to post any photos of the orchestra (fingers crossed that one day we'll get permission), but I will post some shots of the audience and the outdoor venue at Hawrelak Park. It should be a lot of fun. I always enjoy the symphony performances that I have been able to attend. I will do my best to provide a layperson's depiction of the event. It will be good to flex my writing muscles that have remained unused for quite some time.

I think I've written myself to sleep here. Tomorrow/today I will be spending the day with a highly practiced and very talented architectural photographer taking photographs of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. This is the greatest perk of my job. I've been able to shoot with this guy a couple times now and I'm really learning a lot. He's hilarious and so much fun to be around. It's amazing how different work can be when you're doing something you really love.