Classical Mystery Tour


Managed to time everything right this evening, arriving with enough time to take the shuttle from the university. Better seats than yesterday, closer to the stage with a view even with my eyesight. Tonight is the Classical Mystery Tour - A Tribute to the Beatles. Tonight I'm sitting next to a full fledged Beatles expert. No doubt he will be prompting me with lyrics and giving me little historical tidbits.

Impromptu Audience Quiz...

2 out of 5 patrons agree, George Harrison is their favourite Beatle.
1 is ambivalent
1 prefers Ringo, the Ringo who was the former narrator for the Thomas the Tank Engine series.
1 is in love with Lennon (typical)
and 1 hates them all equally, or was that likes them all equally.

I've been told that this will be the best show of the series. Since I spent so much time yesterday complaining about the weather I think it's fitting that I make some sort of comment, the weather is rather pleasant in comparison. I don't anticipate feeling the same degree of cold.

Show is about to begin in five minutes.