and so it begins


Wireless is on at Hawrelak Park and I'm ready to start live blogging Sobey's Symphony Under the Sky. Almost didn't make it on time. Tonight is Night at the Movies which will no doubt be entertaining for me, especially considering that in the second half they will be playing a selection from Oklahoma!, which Aryn pointed out to me the instant we sat down.

Right now the symphony is playing the Big Movie Suite, with selections from Gone with the Wind, Ben Hur, Laura, Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Rocky, The Pink Panther, and The Way We Were (IMDB links to come).

It's a rather chilly night for Symphony Under the Sky. I've gone for the last three summers that I've been in Edmonton and this is the only one where I've seen people snuggled under sleeping bags and wearing toques. I'm hoping that the vendors have some warm beverages, because it would be lovely to have a hot chocolate during the intermission.

I feel slightly ridiculous sitting here typing this post. As far as I can see I'm the only person live blogging this evening, unless there are some others who are surreptiously posting from their mobile devices. Aryn is hassling me to post this. And so I will.