best pun of the night...


Tyler Hamilton on stage again.... this time singing two songs from Oklahoma! (Bernhardt has dubbed Hamilton the Line King, hardy har har).

Oklahoma!: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
(Rodgers/Hammerstein / arr. Bennet)

abstract orchestra...

We should all close our eyes for this one. Imagine corn as high as an elephant's eye, etc, etc, etc.

Apparently Hamilton sees the squirrels too. And he likes to kiss old ladies. Obviously much of the humour is lost in translation. I wish I had brought some mittens like Aryn. My fingers are ready to fall off.

symphony under the sky survival tips...

Oklahoma! Surrey With a Fringe on Top
(Rodgers/Hammerstein / arr. Bennet)

Hamilton recently performed the role of Curly in an Ontario production of Oklahoma! (I wonder if the exclamation point is meant to differentiate the state from the musical?)


Theme from Oklahoma!
Yet another sing-along for the crowd. Now it's our turn... I don't think many people know the lyrics because I don't hear anyone.