Aryn and I were out and about this afternoon. We had walked across the High Level Bridge and back again, arriving home at nearly six o'clock, which dashed our plans to take the LRT to the University and then take advantage of the free shuttle to the park. I am pleased that ETS was involved in this event and had there been the time I would have documented the process to get from downtown to the park. Perhaps tomorrow evening.

It is really starting to get cold outside. I see dozens of people carrying wrapping themselves in blankets of all descriptions. Aryn has donned his winter jacket as well as toque and gloves. If I weren't typing my fingers would probably have frozen off.

word to the wise...

always dress for the weather

Aryn was successful in his snack gathering mission. Evidence below.

4 parts sugar / 1 part donut = 100% sugar rush
Step One. Evenly distribute the sugar

intermission snack
Step Two. Eat and Enjoy

Observes Aryn. There are squirrels in the tree.

I see the orchestra assembling on stage. Announcement, the second half will begin in five minutes.

not an instrument in sight...

Ha.... People are running in place to keep warm.