and so it continues..


The symphony is play a selection from The Pink Panther theme while a flock of Canada geese fly overhead. The geese are yet another indication that the summer is coming to an end.

Symphony Under the Sky...

Now an excerpt from The Way We Were... the lady next to me is channeling a little Babs mouthing the lyrics.

Oooh, the crowd pleaser. Rocky theme. I see heads bobbing and fingers tapping while people recall Sly Stallone in his famous grey tracksuit.

Round of applause... some guy yelling Adrian behind me. Oh and the whistles. And now conductor Robert Bernhardt hams it up with the crowd, yelling the same thing. Cracking jokes, letting the crowd know that the order of the program is going to change, and next up the orchestra will be playing Mahlers 9th Symphony. Polite laughter.

Factoid. The Way We Were was filmed at Bernhardt's alma mater in Skinectity, New York during his senior year of high school.