photographic phhhrenzy


I've had a lot of opportunity to take photos for work recently, including photographing the ICLEI World Congress. I was so happy for this opportunity and I absolutely adored every minute of it even though it proved to be extremely exhausting. I think my body is still catching up. But it felt so good to be behind the camera. I kept on telling people all week that being the event photographer was the best thing ever because it gave me an all access pass to go wherever I wanted to go and no one complained or hid when I was trying to take their photo.

Event photography can be a little dull sometimes if you are restricted to only shooting the presenters. Thankfully, we (there were four photographers total) were given carte blanche to photograph as we pleased. So, after completing my shot list (which was really to make sure that the speakers were photographed) I started to look for a theme. Soon what I was looking for found me. The Congress program (or programme if you prefer) was jam-packed which meant that sessions were long. Add in serious content, dim lights and delegates jet lag and you could often find people in various poses of serious contemplation or near exhaustion, with their head in their hands, hands supporting their faces, fingers stroking their chins. Trying to find these poses became like a little game for me. And thanks to my best photographic investment ever (my 70-200mm f2.8L IS) I could shoot from a distance and have my subject be relatively unaware of my presence. Absolutely brilliant. I haven't uploaded a lot of photos yet, but here are a few that I have.

the pose


thinks that make you go hmmm...

There has been some other non-work-related (and non iPhone) photography as well. On Saturday I shot Laura and Parsana's wedding at Fort Edmonton Park, which was a lot of fun. It wasn't too hot out, the light was nice, and the mood very low key. We were a bit pressed for time to take pictures before the ceremony (there was a bit of a delay as the bridesmaids had to get dressed in their saris) but it was probably one of the lowest stress weddings I have ever shot. The only downside to the weekend was that after I finished taking photos I started to feel sick and I ducked out of the reception early to try to sleep. I downloaded the photos from the wedding last night and only started to go through them briefly before bed. Here's one that I'm rather fond of. Their photos are a mix of more formal posed shots like this (I have a similar one of them smiling, this is the more American Gothic type look) and documentary style shots. I can't wait to finish editing them.

marriage, a serious business

Despite the queue of photos that I need to process (add to the list my cousin Marc's wedding in two weeks) I'm also really excited about another idea. It's been a while since I've orchestrated any major sort of creative photoshoot for myself (you know, the one that serves absolutely no purpose other than I am amused by the idea), but last night as I was dozing off I had one of those flashes of brilliance, pure inspiration. I won't share the details yet, because I still have to persuade the model to participate in this little project. However, if I am successful I think it will be added to the ranks of photographic awesomeness. This would be the perfect week for it too. I hope I can make this work. My mind is set on it now.