an inability to sleep


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Really can't sleep tonight. So I'm looking up definitions of insomnia instead. Some read like they are answers in Balderdash.
  • Zdravko "Insomnia" Georgiev (born 10 September 1983) is a Bulgarian professional gamer. He is known mostly for his competitive performance and achievements in the real-time strategy computer games Starcraft: Broodwar and Warcraft III, his work for the international progaming team SK Gaming and ...
  • Insomnia is a novel written by Stephen King and first published in 1994. Like It and Dreamcatcher, its setting is the fictional town of Derry, Maine.
  • Insomnia is a techno song by the German techno group "Nightwatchers".It a very well-known techno song, and is considered by many to be Nightwatcher's signature song.
  • Insomnia is an album by American punk rock band Hed PE. Released on July 17, 2007, it peaked at #16 on the Top Independent Albums chart, and at #138 on the Billboard 200. Hed PE has cited thrash metal bands such as Slayer as an influence on the album's musical style.
  • "Insomnia" is a song recorded by British dance group Faithless. Released as the band's second single, it became one of their most successful. It was released in 1995 and became a hit in Dance Charts while peaking at #27 in the UK in 1995 and #3 in 1996 . ...
  • Insomnia is a Rock band based in Kolkata, West Bengal. The band's repertoire includes both English and Bangla songs. The band has an album each in English (Cry of the Spirit - self released) and Bangla (Proloyer Shomoye - Asha Audio). ...
  • Insomnia is a 1997 Norwegian film about a police detective investigating a murder in a town located above the Arctic Circle. The detective arrives in the summer, during the midnight sun, and suffers from insomnia. It was the film debut of director Erik Skjoldbjærg. ...
  • Insomnia is the soundtrack album for the 1997 Norwegian film Insomnia, which was composed by ambient artist Biosphere. The tone of the album is much darker in places than Geir Jenssen's earlier work, such as in the tracks "Field" and "Quay".
  • "Insomnia" is a song by Feeder, released as the second single from their album Yesterday Went Too Soon. It reached #22 in the UK charts and was at the time Feeder's fourth consecutive single to reach the Top 40.
  • "Insomnia" is Craig's first single to be taken from his new "Greatest Hits" album.