Sure I've been working some long hours the past couple days. But it's been rather exciting and I've enjoyed it. Ordinarily I would be in a good mood today. However, this morning Lightroom decided to crash on me. Wonderful. Fatal catalog error it said. So I had to recreate an entirely new catalog, reimport all of my images from ICLEI (I haven't even begun to deal with the rest of my photos). And at some point tonight I'll have to go in and add the appropriate metadata to all of the photos for the second time. Oh well, I guess this forces me to make a fresh start. You can imagine how excited I am today because of this.

Needless to say my laptop is taking a mental health break today from the conference and will be staying home. It's okay though. I will be busy with the workshop I helped coordinate and won't have time to deal with my tempermental computer. When I get home we're going to have a heartfelt discussion and I'm going to use my words it exactly how it made me feel this morning.

Anyhow, I'm off to the salt mines.