funny only to me


Today I found myself continuously laughing about the most random and ridiculous things. On my way to work it was the pile of purple blossoms that blew across my path in a beautiful tumbleweed sort of fashion. Once at my desk, when I complained about being cold on some social network that shall remain unnamed, I was amused when it was suggested to me that I fashion a coat out of scrap paper from the recycling bin. Then during my first meeting of the day I found myself startled by some tiny pears growing on the tree in my colleagues office. Then I found myself eagerly anticipating his engineer's ring going *ting against his coffee cup. In my second meeting, I found it comical the way all of the chairs kept on getting lodged under the table. At lunch I laughed uproariously at the story of a friend being caught changing out of his bike clothes by his coworker. I laughed again at another story of an octogenarian celebrating her ability to still pick-up men after asking a friend of mine to help escort her to a waiting car. In the afternoon I chortled silently following a really ridiculous email exchange involving disc golf, tennis whites and potential thievery. After work I went for one of my lengthy strolls across the river, around, and back again... and all along the way I caught myself with this smirk on my face, as if I knew of a joke that no one else did. Which in a way I did. I must have looked quite odd. The drivers in rush hour traffic must have thought I was laughing at them in their misery. But really I was just thinking about things that were surely funny only to me.

When I returned home I finished knitting this. I was considering wearing it tomorrow, but I don't know what I'd wear it with. It doesn't really look like good dress weather anyhow. Maybe I'll just give in and wear jeans like the rest of the sheep.

In other news I discovered that yet another close friend will be out of town for my birthday (one month away today!). Now I'm just waiting now for my sister to tell me that she's going to some poetry/emo music symposium that weekend. Come on people, find more ways to try and disappoint me.