the cubicle prophecy


The woman in the cube next to me shares the same birthday as me. We are birthday twins. Up until today that was about the extent of our similarities (well, other than our mutual respect for leaving work on time). However, twice this morning she has invaded my head and said exactly what I was trying to articulate.

I was writing one of my lame emails this morning and was trying to express why I didn't want to be writing an email, and I heard her exclaim,

"enough with these emails, I just want to talk to you!"

Following my previous lame email, I was somewhat lamenting having sent it, and her voice came over the cubicle wall again somewhat exasperated,
"desperate times call for desperate... whatever."
What amuses me most of course is that she had no idea what I was doing, her statements have an entirely different context than how I chose to interpret them, but still, they work so well. She said them at the exact moment when there was a gap in my thoughts. Her voice filled the void in my head. Cue Twilight Zone theme (not the Twilight theme - teen vampire lovers are not welcome here).