the lunch curse


Want to meet me for lunch?

Think again.

I can pretty much guarantee that you're not going to show up (even if you wanted to).

I'm cursed you see.

This tragic and mysterious curse was reaffirmed today when I tried to meet my friend Tom to take pictures over the lunch hour. We established time, location of meeting. We even confirmed our attendance via email before departing. And yet somehow we missed each other. How is that even possible? I wasn't hiding. I had 360 degree views of who was approaching. But then five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, twenty five minutes passed and there was no sight of Thomas. There was no commotion in the two block stretch from his office (my overactive imagination immediately leaps to something dramatic when I'm left waiting too long). There could be no confusion as to where we were meeting (that I can think of, there's only one statue of Churchill in Churchill Square right?). I'm perplexed. I'm less than impressed but I don't know who or what to blame. I should just not try to meet people at lunchtime. The world is conspiring against me. Forces want me to lunch alone. Even if I had remembered my cellphone today this situation couldn't have been avoided, for you see, Tom has no cellphone. Similarly, the last time the lunch curse actualized I didn't have the cell number of the person I was supposed to meet. At the time I chalked it up to poor planning on my part, but now I realize that it was the lunch curse all along.


  1. I actually don't feel sympathy; I'm just pleasantly nostalgic. That never happens anymore. I don't think I actually know anyone in Vancouver who doesn't own a cell phone.


  2. Er, that was me, above.

    I have issues choosing an identity.

    Actually, you might not recognize this one, either. I moved from wordpress. It's Katy.

  3. oh, he's pleasantly nostalgic to be sure.

    What is the most ridiculous thing about today is that he was at the opposite end of the square (which is not where we agreed to meet).