solitary confinement


downtown is deserted...

I took this photo on my way home from the Winspear this afternoon, where I had the luxury of attending a performance of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. I really enjoyed the show today.

As I wandered home I paused every few blocks to take a photograph of deserted downtown. The emptiness of the streets seemed to exaggerate the feeling that I was shooting alone. I know a bunch of people in Vancouver who are part of the group Vandigicam. Although I enjoy taking pictures alone, I'm jealous of their photographic excursions... photographing posse style armed with cameras of different makes and models. There has been some attempts to start up a similar type group in Edmonton, but I haven't gone to any of the meetups mostly because I haven't been interested in any of them. I don't like to randomly meet up with strangers and I don't think any of the people who are part of the Edmonton Meet Up group are on my flickr contact list. Besides, if the weather of the first day of Autumn is any indication, it will be snowing soon and I'll prefer to remain indoors and experiment with studio lighting than freeze my hands outside.