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I started to take photos with my digital SLR around the same time as I started this blog so I feel somewhat obligated to maintain some sort of balance between the words on images on this revamped blog.

I managed to add something that resembles a menu bar to my template (piecing together code from this site). What I ended up with is not perfect but it's functional. Surely someone out of my limited audience will make note of how my makeshift menu bar highlights certain sections a little differently. The original code is set up so that when your mouse hovers over the link it becomes highlighted in blue. Two of my menu selections do not like to another page but have a dropdown selection for my blog archives or my rarely used post labels (a new feature introduced by Blogger Beta). Anyhow, while I could get those selections to highlight the same way as the rest, I could not get the "v" that showed up behind them to go away unless I got rid of the line breaks used to separate the different menu selections. I'm sure it must have been some bit of a extraneous code, but I couldn't figure out what it was. If someone wants to try to figure it out for me they are more than welcome.

Those of you who subscribe to this blog through RSS (all seven of you) may want to pop by to check out the changes I made and give me a little feedback. In addition to the new menu bar I've also changed the header image, expanded the main body post, redirected my Atom feed to feedburner and set up my publishing settings so only my post recent post is displayed on the front page. I'm trying to move towards posting at least once a day. I may switch back to the last seven posts to the front page but we'll wait and see how this works out. The single post format works better if I succeed at creating a more of a photoblog but I'm always a little heavy on the unrelated text.


  1. In case you weren't sure, I am, indeed, one of the 7 :) It's looks lovely - I especially like the drop downs.

  2. thanks Marsha. The dropdown menus don't work perfectly on certain screen resolutions unless you have your browser full-screen.