another day, another dollar...


If I drank coffee, every morning I could take my cup to the window and watch the morning commuters thronging the intersection as they make their way to the downtown core. I don't drink coffee or much of anything in the morning and I don't really care to watch the vehicles and pedestrians battle it out on the crosswalks below. Instead I like to gaze at the different cloud formations that stretch over the western horizon (I realized that I'm always looking towards BC). This is how I spend my last few minutes of calm before I join the frenzy on the streets... looking at the sky and quietly contemplating.

my camera doesn't get too far these days... looking for a new bag.

One of the things that has been on my mind of late is why I have been finding it so difficult to blog lately. Online identity is a hot topic these days... the newspapers frequently feature articles about employers 'googling' potential employees or seeking out dirt on facebook or other various social networking sites. My current job will be ending as of December and we haven't heard yet whether or not we'll have a new contract. In light that I may be tossed back into the sea of job-seekers, I've been boring myself with relatively dull (read: safe) posts. I've realized that I need to stop doing this. I'm don't usually espouse controversial views about things (in my mind anyhow). What I post here is only a sample of who I am and can only complement what I have to offer future employers (however far down the road that may be).

Something that I find mildly amusing about my current employment situation is that I work in a job search assistance program, and I help other people find work. So, really... I should not have any problems in looking for work since I should be able to detect any roadblocks in my job search and come up with effective solutions (my motto will become, Physician, heal thyself!) I meet my clients after they have left or lost their previous jobs and when we begin to discuss their job search I will sometimes ask them to describe their ideal job. It can be a helpful exercise for some people who would like to take the opportunity of this transition to choose to pursue another line of work. The issue becomes when and how to scale back from this ideal. Once my father told me that no job was too low. I argued with him, refusing to agree that just any job will do. I still don't agree with him but now I have a much better understanding that a job is not a career. I've learned to reconcile my dream job(s) with more realistic aspirations.