I really need to come up with an alternate solution for carrying my camera around with me on a daily basis. I would like to have one bag that has storage spots for all of my assorted camera bits so I don't end up forgetting things when I switch from purse to purse. This morning I pulled out my camera to take a picture of some frosty grass but as I pushed the shutter I realized that I had neglected to put my memory card back in my camera. What an irritating feeling. I have two memory cards, but of course my extra card was in the large non-everyday camera bag back at home. Without my 'film' my camera cannot record anything, so instead you will just have to trust me that the juxtaposition of tall, yellowed grasses against the frosty green grass below was quite visually stunning.

tailor made...

Perhaps my mood yesterday evening was in some way dampened by the rather depressing sites I photographed on the way home. Although I admit to enhancing the grittiness and overall feeling of grunge in post, walking home on a dull afternoon through deserted downtown left me with the overall feeling of despair. The darkening of my spirit was more gradual... as I edited the photos, trying to bring out some of the layers of shadow and light I began to become more and more withdrawn. By the time I went to bed I was a fragment of my former vibrant self. I was a wilted flower... I was my own shadow.

sow your wild seeds

enough with the melodramatics... I was just tired.

One more week until Toronto.