a life developed...


I'm feeling a bit nostalgic this morning, so I've decided to really dig through the archives and revisit some photos from my photostream and create an approximate yearly retrospective.


This is the first photo I posted to flickr on September 20, 2004. I had my digital SLR for about six months by then and I had recently started up my blog. I was back from Victoria and I happened to log into MSN and see Wade, one of the few people from FSJ that I would have considered socializing with. He was obviously desperate for company and invited me out for coffee. It was there at Cosmic Grounds that we discovered our mutual interest in computers, blogging and other assorted topics. It was at this fateful meeting over coffee that Wade told me about flickr (it was the only way he could post photos to his blog from his mac). I suppose now it's fitting that this flower was one of the first images that I added to flickr... as it is representative of the wonderful friendship that began to blossom (*choking back my own vomit while I type this).

wade and the amazing desaturated dream coat

I suppose it's also fitting then that the 2005 feature photo includes Wade, during one of our many photo excursions in and around FSJ. Despite the limitations of our geography we really did manage to have a lot of fun. We had nothing to do but indulge in a little random spontaneity. This particular excursion is one of the most memorable... It was a cold, cold day... but we drove out to Beatton Park, Wade in one of his dad's old suits and me in my younger sister's prom dress (I was much skinnier then) and we each took turns in front of the camera (I should specify that we took turns in front of each other's camera, as by this time Wade also owned a digital SLR and the coveted 50mm lens).

another model...

About a year later, in 2006 I had moved to Edmonton. Fall is always a popular time for portraits... many a family photo in front of the autumn leaves has been taken this time of year (not my family though). Although I had added to my collection of camera gear I still had much to learn about composition. I was always frustrated that I cropped out Phil's hand in this photo, but I think that I was prevented from backing up any farther by some sort of low brick wall with a commemorative bust on it. I still like the photo though as it also marks the beginning of another friendship... it looks like I've created a new friend-a-year calendar.

time management by Lee Iacocca

2007, one year on the job... Previous incarnations of me, or rather my predecessors at work, were required to have a car (even though it is rarely necessary). My stellar skills were enough to compensate though, so I have been gainfully employed in the city and have been able to keep to my pedestrian ways. Recently, after lamenting how I hadn't been taking enough photos I sold a pile of photo equipment with the design of buying a small (but powerful) point and shoot that I could carry in my purse. However, upon further contemplation I chose to invest in a new wide angle lens instead and I've never looked back. I took this while waiting for the bus in the west end after traveling there for a work related job fair.

These photos aren't the best overview of my photographic work, but they are an interesting way to highlight in my own mind my accomplishments and also the areas where I have failed to progress. And I'm not just speaking photographically.