I'm in the process of trying to reinvent my blog... So far I've stripped my sidebar and limited the additional widgets I have to my RSS feed and archives. Ultimately I think I'll end up linking my blog to my photography website, but I can't quite decide if I need to associate all of my personal garbage from the last few years with my so-called business. I need to be doing some more thinking about the how I want to link my various online identities.

Aryn made the comment this morning that I have turned my photostream into a blog of sorts, as I've been posting photos with detailed descriptions or stories that are inspired by the photos. I always toyed with establishing a sort of photo-a-day blog, but have never successfully run with the idea. I think that I'm going to try it now. I recently added a new lens to my collection (selling some of my old equipment in order to afford it) and I'm trying to take my camera with me everyday so I can never complain about not having a camera around to take photos.

My new lens is the ultra-wide EF-S 10-22mm (equivalent to a 16-35) and I've been using it exclusively for the past week. I thought it would come in handy for my upcoming trip to Toronto to take in wide angle landscape shots of downtown Toronto and cool distorted images of the CN tower and other such Toronto landmarks. This lens isn't just useful for architectural and landscape shots... I've experimented with it as a portrait lens and I've found the odd perspective that this lens creates to be quite pleasing.

Here are a few of the shots I took yesterday while on my walk with Aryn and Wade. Click through on my photostream to see what else I've been up to recently.

colour study

a big nose never spoils a pretty face

stress lines...

I have to do a little more research about how to add tabs to my current blog. I could probably switch to a wordpress blog but I've grown attached the simplicity of blogger. I know I can figure it out... it just may take me a little trial and error in order to get it right. Good thing I have a blog that is dedicated just to testing out the tweaks I make to my template.