on the betterment of self and vocabulary calisthenics...


wet christmas... © Raffaella Loro

Made of or covered with scaly particles, such as dandruff.


I've never been one to make (or keep) resolutions relating to the New Year. Maybe because I lack the personal motivation factor or because the idea of a New Year's resolution seems a little false. I might be more inclined if the weather suddenly changed in January and I had a clear indication that winter was over. Instead, there is the constant nagging feeling that the cold and snow are going to come back, which makes me want to curl up in my cocoon of fat and hibernate (with the occasional bathroom break).

However, in more positive news... a photo of mine may be published in the next issue of the print version of the Boston Literary Review. I had another photo published in the July/August 2006 issue accompanying a short fiction piece. Similarly, this new photo will also accompany another fiction piece. I'll take some photos or scan the new issue when I receive my copy once the January/February edition of the magazine is printed.

Other photo related news, my flickr photostream has finally broken the 100.000 mark. Most current number of views: 101,249.

oh yes... before I forget, in six months I'll be 25.


  1. funny thing: you can't seem to get beyond winter weather in your mind, but you're already planning for your birthday in July?

    Congrats on the photo! Definitely let there be some notification (show and tell!) when you get confirmation.

  2. I never plan my birthday, it just arrives.

    and I really do have this love/hate relationship with winter. I don't know what my problem is. Perhaps it's the eternal summer that lives within me.