a little cathartic release...


toque version 2.0 © Raffaella Loro

On the last two days of my vacation I sat down with my pile of knitting before me and tackled one of the projects that I've been working on. Eventually my legs cramped up from having been several hours in a semi-lotus position and my hands became sore from the repetitive motion of throwing the yarn over the needle, but I still continued to knit furiously. Despite my minor aches the overall feeling was quite relaxing. It was a nice feeling to not be thinking about anything over than the simple stitch pattern I kept repeating row after row. There's something to be said about only doing one thing at a time. I should do it more often.

Every day I realize more and more that I am a bit of a social recluse (snob if you will). I tend to work exclusively in my office when I'm not meeting with clients, so I don't socialize much with people at work. But my office is partially bisected by a large pillar which creates a small alcove which houses a communal coat rack (I call it the closet) and during the winter people tend to hang their coats there... so I get greeted each morning when people arrive as well as during lunch time or breaks where people need to fetch their coats. Some people at work have started to take short walks during their breaks, walking down and back up the stairs by the High Level Bridge. It might just be a New Year's Resolution thing, but when groups of your coworkers start doing something that you're not doing, there is always this feeling of being the outcast. I could always ask to go along, but then I would be in a potentially worse situation, having to force smalltalk. And this girl is no Toastmaster's Table Talk Champion. No, I'll just sit in my office during my unofficial, but nevertheless administration supported breaks and use it to exercise the creative muscles in my mind (because Lord knows I don't think enough already).