condomaximus prime


It's sealing and dealing time now... Aryn and I are just waiting for the last bits of paperwork to be stamped, shuffled and crumpled before the end of the day, then condomaximus prime will be ours ready for the massive attack of books and enslaught of furniture. Although not until spring, since we won't be moving until then. I will only be moving a couple blocks from my current residence, which is very convenient as far as access to all the "amenities" that downtown Edmonton has to offer for the day to day foot soldier like me. The view faces west, should I ever take a photograph of it one would get a long shot down Jasper Ave, with just a sprinkling of the horizon. Should be lovely at all times of the year (trusting that the a/c is fully functional in the summertime).

I know my posts have been filled with mostly personal musings that are really of no consequence to anyone, but I can't help it. I'm addicted to this limited documentation of my day to day life even though I'm a horrible storyteller for anyone but myself. I wish I could have something fascinating to keep your attention. Unfortunately, I have nothing but the mundane details of my life. This morning I dragged myself out of bed - after receiving the shattering news that yes, the alarm had in fact gone off in real life and I wasn't just dreaming it. I walked to work hurriedly, blanking out most of the sound of traffic to a random sampling of Herbie Hancock, Damien Rice, and Rilo Kiley. I sat at my desk and ate a banana for breakfast which may or may not triple in price by next week. At lunch I rushed to drop off some submissions for an Edmonton photo contest, which although did not have an entry fee, ended up costing me nearly $50 for printing and transportation costs. Sure, I could have saved the money, but then I wouldn't have had any chance to win one of the top three cash prizes. Fingers crossed that few people entered the contest. I doubt I'll win anything though, as I was quite displeased with the print quality of the images from the photo lab. It's very disconcerting for me sometimes to see my images translated from screen to print when all the detail of a sky has been lost. I don't know if this is my colour processing or what... it's something I need to investigate more. The has involved meeting with clients and other various job related duties. *snore, snore.

I shot some corporate portraits yesterday... and now I'm itching for the opportunity to find more paying gigs. I've had a couple inquiries about weddings that I'm hoping will pan out into something. If it's not one dream, then it's another.


  1. I happen to quite enjoy your personal, inconsequential musings. Of course, that may be simply because that's all I ever write on my blog too...