on the crime of laughing like a hyena in public...


Visigoth Vest... © Raffaella Loro

After several weeks on the road I have returned to Edmonton and I am becoming reaquainted with the festival city and the kitchen cupboards in my apartment. I've been busy looking for work, editing photos from the various shoots that took place while I was away, assisting Aryn with a work related project... and watching my share of tv. It has been excellent to reunite with my chum of all chums who I had not seen for nearly a month. Tonight was most enjoyable... as the chum and I went for a walk to the University for some eats and then strolled along the avenue that is Whyte to the Fringe area where we briefly took in some sights before the rain shooed us into a nearby establishment at which they serve food and beverages of the medicinal kind. We indulged in some good and clean fun, shooting the breeze if you will... and generally trying to make a scene, speaking in vibrant tones with plenty of hand gestures. Let me tell you, it was brilliant! I did just what I was always instructed not to do, which is laugh like a hyena, but I had a plenty good time. I would even say that it was jolly good. The beau is off for the weekend in the woods, whooping it up with 17 of his closest friends' friends, so my plan for the duration of the weekend is to take in some more Fringe events and hopefully, fingers crossed, go for a session of photographing with my model muse. We shall see.

I'm off to bed. I'm trying to wean myself off this insomnia kick, so once again, fingers are crossed.