on audience apathy and inspired initiative...


whale watching © Raffaella Loro

I've fallen back into the habit of not going to sleep early. It's not good, because it will just mean that my body will have to readjust to different hours all over again when I go back to Edmonton.

But my mind is mulling over things... I mentally preparing for the wedding that I have at the end of the week and I'm thinking more about the work I have been doing with photography. I've been talking for months about setting up a website and doing more stock photos (something I've been saying for more than a year now), but so far I haven't got around to formally doing anything about it. Methinks It's time to get my behind in gear. I need to design some business cards and have them printed off... all these things that are necessary to make a more significant attempt to professionalize myself photographically.

It'll all be done. I just need to consolidate my to do lists and stop being a spectactor watching things pass me by.