a bitter aftertaste...


I'm not overreacting... © Raffaella Loro

It's been yet another day, successful or unsuccessful, depending on your outlook on life. I woke up early to discover that the internet was still out (it was out for twelve hours) much to my shock and horror. So I tried to go back to sleep (it was still early) but I was too restless to really get any kind real sleep. So I spent a day talking trash, because that's what I do when I have nothing else to do. I edited some more photos, really giving power to the assumption that I never edit or post photos unless I'm in Fort St. John. It makes me wonder if I'm driven to create only in the confines of my dungeon bedroom...

I hope that's not true.

In other news... this evening I quickly went through the photos that I have posted to flickr and threw some together in a portfolio set. It's unlikely that all of the photos that are there are going to stay, especially since I have almost 50 photos added to the set so far. But I needed to start something. My hope is to have a photography website up and running before Christmas and I need to have a several categories of portfolio shots since I haven't decided whether I'm want to focus my attentions solely towards wedding photography or what. When I was still working for the radio station Wade (and I) had a conversation with the a professional photographer who worked the dog show circuit. He gave Wade (and me) a variety of advice about how to break into the business, one piece of advice being that we shouldn't try to do everything. We should pick one thing that we're good at and try to go with that. I think he might have meant it more in a broad sense, meaning that if we were going to shoot weddings that we shouldn't try to do videography as well, because being good at many things rarely makes you an expert in one. What I'd like to do is sit down with a second pair of eyes (and I don't mean me with my glasses on) and figure out what pictures I should showcase and what I should forget about. I have to go over all those questions like who are my targeted clientele... all that jazz that I like to ignore, because sometimes I like to live my life like a film trailer and I think if I build it, they will come. However, things are not that easy. In the next step down from the perfect world I'd want to sit down with a designer who can create the site I want, because even though I can do it, my skills are limited and it's more work than I want right now. How many different ways can I emit a sound of frustration right now. I need a distraction from this headache I'm giving myself.

and to think this is me after I went out for a daily constitutional.