you always need a game plan...


I'm up far too early for a Saturday. I should be sleeping in but I woke up before 6 this morning and have been tossing and turning since then. I am on my second last day of antibiotics and I'm anxious to finish them. It's odd, but it seems that the better I get the more difficult it is to actually swallow the damn pills. But that's just a casual observation of me - don't pay any attention to it.

My chum of all chums is having an Oscar party on Sunday... It saddens me slightly that I cannot go as I am in another city entirely... but also because I am a not-so-secret (another mennen product) pop culture fan, and I would like the opportunity to soak up a lot of useless knowledge about the cinema and hollywood for use in future games of Trivial Pursuit - Pop Culture Edition. It's not a time sensitve issue I guess, since in the game you can't be asked questions relating to events that happened after the game was released to the masses, but I've got the future in mind.

I laughingly considered this morning while reading my RSS feeds that had such a thing as a VOIP/Skype speakerphone exist (and such a thing does in some parts of the world) I'd be raring to be patched in to the "meeting" through teleconference. It wouldn't be much different than if I were actually there you know, I'd be antisocial and listen to everyone else... and occasionally mutter something slightly funny to me and the one or two people with hearing good enough to pick it up.

okay, I think I can sleep some more again. 5 more pills until the antibiotics are done, and 6 more sleeps until Spring Break.