breaking the spring...


a dickens photgrapher
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It's currently day four of my spring break excursion to Edmonton. My days have been jam packed with activity... I've already taken in a musical matinee, dinner, dancing, and a big photoshoot (with models/assistants galore). I was feeling sick on the evening I arrived and the first full day in the city and I was afraid that my tonsilitis had returned, but I don't seem to be experiencing any symptoms today so I am hoping that my health will remain at this balanced state.

I don't have anything in particular planned for the rest of the week... I'm spending my days editing photos from the big shoot and trying to catch up on some reading. I'll probably report on my exact activities in more detail eventually, but now I'm just itching to get back to my editing so I can add more to my photoset on flickr.

stay tuned...