on impatience and waiting...


Patience is a virtue that I do not possess. I tend to forget this from time to time, especially when I come up with a brilliant idea for conversation and I want to leap into it immediately and I am faced with the obstacle of time.

Case Study: This morning I woke up feeling particularly industrious and I located a website that I was waiting to be sent the link to. After reviewing the website I wished to discuss the contents in more depth, so considering the schedule of the individual that I wished to discuss things with... I ate my own breakfast and then placed my call, only to find that I had grossly miscalculated what would be an appropriate time to call. Methinks that my exuberance and verve for an 11:15am start time was not much appreciated. I will admit that I was a little pouty (but in a good natured way) when I heard the news that I would have to wait several hours to have my desired conversation, since the other party would be busy with morning activities relating to personal hygeine and nutrition. 

My impatience was not received well. In fact it received a terse respone. But I meant no harm... all I wanted was an informal conversation, to somehow mimic what one could have in a face to face environment. Instead I must wait several hours and mentally prepare myself for a somewhat formal (although somewhat improvised) presentation by teleconferece.

may our breath be bated by all this waiting...