beeline for the feline


I swear I'm part feline... as I can nap like the best of them. This evening after dinner I felt absolutely exhausted and I lay down for a moment to rest my eyes and fell fast asleep. I didn't sleep for too long though, as I was woken by the sounds of two very loud teenage laughs... and by that I don't mean just "ha ha"
rather two voices laughing loudly.

I had a good day at work today... I think it helped that the weather was fantastic (very mild and wonderfully sunny) and nearly all the students seemed to be in good spirits. I'm hoping that it stays like this all week. It will make the days go by faster.

In other news... I'm trying to figure out a better method of dry skin therapy. The combination of weather and hard water in the north is really terrible and I would like to figure out some kind of moisturizing method that is very effective. Anyone have any secret creams, lotions, or emolients that they would like to share? I'm currently trying a trick that one of my sisters uses... the classic Vaseline. The other day I was experimenting with Vaseline with my photography (reflections of light and such) and I noticed that my skin stayed incredibly soft... so I thought why not throw caution to the wind and combine small amounts of vaseline with my current lotion and see if that helps retain some moisture in this dry climate. My limited online research suggested that this particular method of dry skin combat might be successful, but I thought I'd pose a general query anyhow... perchance someone might have some advice to share.


  1. When I lived in Peace River my mom and I both used Vaseline. Just before you are ready to get out of the shower rub in on all over (sparingly!) and then rinse the excess off. Pat dry with a towel. It works. If you find the vaseline to be too much, try using Johnson's baby oil or baby oil gel - it's just as effective but a little less messy (but it costs a bit more though). Things must not be as dry here, or maybe my skin is just healthier, but now I just use regular body lotion after every shower/bath and my skin is very smooth all winter.