word play


I was inspired today and I came up with an idea for a multi-media extravaganza. It will require a lot of research and planning though. I like the idea quite a bit and I think that with some work that it might evolve into something marvelous.

Completely unrelated but still stemming from conversations that I had today... invigilate and proctor... very similar words, but I always tend to use invigilate rather than proctor. I wonder why, since it is probably less popular than proctor.

Main Entry: in·vig·i·late
Pronunciation: in-'vi-j&-"lAt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -lat·ed; -lat·ing
Etymology: Latin invigilatus, past participle of invigilare to stay awake, be watchful, from in- + vigilare to stay awake -- more at VIGILANT
intransitive senses : to keep watch; especially British : to supervise students at an examination
transitive senses : SUPERVISE, MONITOR
- in·vig·i·la·tion /-"vi-j&-'lA-sh&n/ noun
- in·vig·i·la·tor /-'vi-j&-"lA-t&r/ noun

Main Entry: proc·tor
Pronunciation: 'präk-t&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English procutour procurator, proctor, alteration of procuratour
: SUPERVISOR, MONITOR; specifically : one appointed to supervise students (as at an examination)
- proctor verb
- proc·to·ri·al /präk-'tOr-E-&l, -'tor-/ adjective
- proc·tor·ship /'präk-t&r-"ship/ noun