new cheering up tactic...


I had an argument with a friend today over who was more depressed, him or me.

Here's the situation:

  • We're both insanely hilarious (him more so than me)
  • We're both amazingly brilliant (me more so than him... gotta give myself some credit)
  • We're both ridiculously good looking
  • We both have lacklustre love lives (me more so than him)
  • We both have love only from family and friends (him more so than me... as in he has more friends than I do)
It's not difficult to understand how by this criteria I rank as more depressed (or depressing) than he does. In the grand scheme of things I'm really not that depressed... just wallowing in my perpetual anti-socialite state. What must one do in this town to go on a date? Take out a radio ad? Advertise in the newspaper?The possibilities are endless...

so, moral of the story... in an attempt to cheer up my friend I merely reinforced how despite all my fabulous qualities I will still be dateless this Friday night.


  1. Aren't you two a depressing pair. Still, this post was oddly amusing in a terrible sort of way. Kind of like this joke I heard the other day....

    Q: What's worse than finding a worm in an apple?

    A: depar gnieb (written you can't accidentally read the answer first)

    I will also use this time to tell you to post more pics to your flickr. Whatelse am I supposed to look at when I'm bored?

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