hurry up and wait...


how quickly an evening disappears... almost as quickly as my energy disappears when I come home and crawl into bed after being out all day. I had plans for a lovely blog post where I would chronicle my latest brilliant thought and analyze my reliance on other individuals. I don't feel up to it anymore though. I went out tonight when I probably should have stayed home with some tea and a blanket. I must be getting tired of week after week of this hurry up and wait atmospheric pressure of this job that I have. I'll never know why I'm so critical of every damn thing... I should really watch my negativity level... I think it must be scaring off all of my prospective suitors.

oh, and I'm moving in a couple weeks. When my heartless friend takes his much deserved "vacation" (aka escape from hell or when he leaves town like a bat out of hell) I'm going to paint the other bedroom and finally unpack some of my boxes and move into the other bedroom. Makes sense... I need more room and I'll have nothing better to do really.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed.