funny story and fashion advice


My father recently purchased a new bicycle (classic tandem style), and today he was leaving the house just as I was leaving to go to work. I noticed something odd about his bicycle attire though. It wasn't the combination of his dress pants and new helmet, rather his leather bike gloves. You see, my father is quite practical and on seeing the prices for bike gloves at the store he decided he didn't want to invest $50 on junk. So he went home and cut the fingers off of some better quality leather work gloves and voila, he has a new pair of bike gloves. They wouldn't look so horrible if they weren't splattered with deck stain... but my darling papa doesn't care so much about style.

Had a conversation recently with a new storeowner in town about men's style. We were both in agreement that the stereotypical FSJ male is afraid of colour... On that note here is an excerpt from an article on fashion in the most recent Bell'Italia magazine.

Men's glamour returns with fresh colours

Colour, colour, colour, that's what the man of this summer is going to wear, according to our designers who are representing the dynamic reality of contemporary men's fashion. The collections go from classic to the informal, to the avant-garde, culminating in high-end collections offering both strong images and product content. This summer's man is a traveler who wants to get away from the classic mold that has been built around him. The latest fashions renovate proportions and shapes for jackets and pants; they reconsider colours that have been forgotten; and they concentrate on materials that, in addition to being technological, area attuned to a modern sensibility that is free and adventureous.
In addition to being absolutely brilliant and a talented photographer I also moonlight as a men's fashion consultant.