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taking to the stage
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It's a rainy, rainy day outside. It's technically my weekend but I had to go to work for a bit this afternoon. I'm a little tired and all I would like to do is watch a little tv but I have no tv to watch. I suppose I should specify that I do not have television reception not the physical television set.

Anyhow, yesterday evening I took some photos at a dance recital with W. my photo chum. I was a little disappointed with the lack of performance etiquette on the part of the many parents. In between each performance mothers were rushing back and forth between the dressing rooms to help their children change costumes. I was standing near the front of the stage by the exit doors that lead to the change room hallway and I found the costant flow of traffic accompanied by the slamming door to be very annoying.

In all I think I got a few good shots. I posted some of the better ones to my flickr photostream. I need some more photography equipment... so here's a friendly reminder that someone (that someone being me) has a birthday coming up...