I'll Stop the World and Melt with You.


extra ordinary © Raffaella Loro

Ever read something and not recognize yourself in it? I was looking through some old papers this morning and I came across this introduction to a paper I wrote a few years ago.

One may suggest that there is something hypocritical in the idea of the globalization of the anti-globalism movement. Does it not seem contrary to the movement itself to unify or create a global anti-globalism movement? So many of the connotations of globalization, inherent in the increase of media conglomerates and mega-corporations, seem to suggest that globalization equals sameness and integration of ideals. In this frame of understanding, altering the current path of globalization (or in terms of 80s pop lyrics Stop the World) would mean that the smaller anti-globalism groups must assimilate (again in terms of 80s pop lyrics Melt with You) into their own mega-movement. But there is a flaw in this “I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You” anthem. Globalization in its current form, imbued with neoliberal values, is not the only option. There are other alternatives, and the anti-globalism movement is not forced to combine efforts as one faceless movement, a melted anti-globalism army, in order to revise the future of globalization.

Where is that girl now?