the cat returns and the mouse plays no more


cinderfella © Raffaella Loro

my housekeeper comes back from his conference today, which means I have to make the house presentable for his return. Otherwise he will wonder what I have been up to for the past week. Ordinarily I have no patience for housework and will always do it grudgingly. However, since my studio is now a live and work situation and I can use tidying up as a procrastination technique (and also as a much needed break from lengthy article reviews). In fact this entire week I've actually enjoyed a little Mary Poppins type tidyup. Clothes have been flying across the room and folding themselves. My camera equipment has marched itself back to the camera cabinet, the dishes have washed and stacked themselves. Which makes me think a little... Disney always seems to fantasize the cleaning process, besides Mary Poppins think of The Sword in the Stone or Sorcerer's Apprentice. This must have a lot to do with my dislike of housekeeping.