the slow movement...


I've had one of those weekends that was particlarly fruitful photographically, quite possibly only because I didn't have any deadlines and the photos had no other purpose than a little artistic expression. I don't know what I'd do without my camera. I used to draw a little... and sometimes I will write a little, but I've never found that either of those activities fulfill me the same way that taking pictures does. I make this realization every so often, and this weekend it happened again as I was reviewing the shots from my most recent photo excursions. Tom, Wade, and I went out for a few brief hours to various parts of the city I had never been before. We wandered over and under bridges, aimlessly strolling with our cameras. I wanted to stop and sit for a while and take it all in. At one point we stood on the rusty Dawson Bridge that stretches over the north saskatchewan river and we watched some canoeists lazily paddle through the water. I kept my lens trained on them for some time... waiting as the crept through the frame. I am consciously trying to slow down when I'm taking photographs... actually I'm trying to make a conscious effort to slow down when I do anything, just so I can enjoy what I'm doing. I have one week left at work and I know it's going to be a busy one. I'm looking forward to finishing up with this position, so that I can spend a few months concentrating on the important things. I feel like my mind has been so cluttered lately and I haven't been able to properly process things. I want to slow things down so I can actually listen to people, get things done in my life, and take the time to just see what's going on around me. If inspiration strikes while I'm taking it all in, I might just take a photo.