going to extremities © Raffaella Loro

11:24 pm, Thursday night.

I have nothing to say, except everything of course.

I should have gone exploring with my camera today. After dinner Aryn was sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, and I had a sudden desire to take his photo. The second I began to frame the shot he stopped and gave me this look of complete frustration. He wasn't going to cooperate. My subject was hostile, there was no coaxing him otherwise tonight. It was too bad though. It was a great shot, one that really captured Aryn and his number one pastime, reading. I know I have plenty of other shots of him reading... but I like documenting our life. Often I'm just a disembodied limb or a face taken from arm's length. Aryn's the one who inhabits the space. He's the figure that I have to convince to let me photograph in the house.

Tonight I made do with pieces of me.