cloud of reality


I looked on my photostream today and was slightly shamed to see that I hadn't posted anything since March 24th. I can make hundreds of excuses, like I've been busy with preparing for my renovations and upcoming move to the new place, but really when I've picked up a camera lately I haven't done anything with it. I seem to be experiencing a similar phenomenon with posting to my blog. I started numerous posts, only to delete them. This post might suffer the same fate if I'm not careful.

Today I'm two months away from my 25th birthday. This realization does not really fill me with any sense of nostalgia for my lost youth, or the desire to tally up my accomplishments so far in life. Instead I'm rather focused on the present, looking forward to the noon when I will rush home in the rain to eat lunch with Aryn (who has the benefit of an earned day off every other Friday). I will then rush back to work and not have the opportunity to stop and appreciate the city in the rain, although if the stench of drowning worms is still in the air I won't mind so much.

I found out about a magazine project that is starting up here in the city. The details are pretty slim, but basically the project is a new program for people between the ages of 15 and 30 yeras old. The challenge of the Project is for 10 people to produce a 48-page full color magazine in 5 months. This includes things like advertisement sales, writing feature articles, photography, interviews, reviews, media, writing and editing. Basically you do it all. However, with my adult responsibilities (property=financial obligations) I'm not as free to follow up on my fanciful pursuits as I once was. The positions are paid and full-time, but the wage works out to about $7/hr. Sure you can make sacrifices for a few months, if you take into account the experience you will garner from participating in the project, but I cannot afford to live off $7/hr for five or six months. So I will continue my journey through the non-profit world, making ends meet but not really progressing creatively. However I know that this too shall pass.