sleep preparation


Back when I was an insomniac/night owl and I couldn't sleep, I used to edit photos or compose emails late in the evening. These activities allowed me to utilize my restless brain and eventually lull me to sleep. However, as I currently share space with another individual I can't really keep my laptop by my bed and pull it out whenever I can't sleep. Usually I will lie awake with endless thoughts running through my head, however tonight I am altogether too alert. Perhaps it is the coffee I had after dinner... coffee being a beverage I rarely indulge in (although I'm not quite sure that the caffeine in coffee would really have that adverse affect on me, an admitted Cola-holic).

Tonight, while attempting to sleep, I couldn't help but be distracted with feelings of guilt that I have been avoiding my photography lately. Sure I can claim that I've been busy with condo renos, but I've been making no effort to go out and take pictures in the past few months. Because of this lack of creative activity, there really is no mystery as to why I've been feeling rather withdrawn from some of my former online haunts. Having posted nothing to my photostream in months I almost feel like I have no reason to post comments on others photos. It's difficult even to look at other photos because it makes the lack of my own new work even more painfully apparent. There is really no way to solve this problem other than to set aside time to devote to taking and posting photos. I just have to make it a priority to go out one afternoon and take photos. I'm going to be in Vancouver on the weekend so perhaps I'll be inspired then. I'll have no other responsibilities so I will have no excuses. I've been saying this for a while though and I haven't been acting on it. Oh, this weekend I'll devote to photos, No... next weekend. And what has come of it? Nothing.

The apartment is quiet tonight. Only a few more weeks in this place and then we move to the new condo. Yesterday Wade came over to help us frame the new walls, and next week while I'm away all the mudding and taping will take place. I should be back just in time to take on my job of painting the new walls. Then Aryn and I will figure out how to install the new kitchen and then process of moving all of our belongings will take place. I will probably have a repeat of these late nights as I adjust to the sounds of the new apartment. The sounds of the street will be quieter I think (thanks to better windows). I won't be able to hear the rumblings of the motorbikes as the cruise up and down 109th at all hours of the evening. I think perhaps I have emptied my brain enough to warrant a second try at sleep. Somehow the combination of the click of the keyboard (a $19.99 wireless special from FutureShop across the street) and the gentle rocking motion of this Ikea classic (Poang chair leftover from Aryn's university days) have helped to prepare me for bed. This might be the right sleep inducing technique after all.