today put off until tomorrow


I'm sitting on the one remaining cushioned chair left in our apartment after a full day of moving. Despite having moved most of the large items into a storage room in the new building, our apartment still appears to be rather full. Nearly fifty boxes sit full of books in the other bedroom and our closet is still jam packed with clothes. It seems like we are never really going to move into the new place, that we will forever be living divided between two houses.

I spent a lot of the day driving though parts of the city that I don't normally get to see. As a pedestrian living downtown, my view of Edmonton is usually limited to a several block radius around where I live and work. I suppose that's not unusual for anyone. We tend to spend our days trapped in the regular pattern on going to and from work... maybe occasionally venturing outside of our safe little sphere to attend some social function of purchase something that is otherwise unavailable in the little world that we confine ourselves to. The ordinary can sometimes become boring, and boring can quickly become ugly. It was good to shake up the regular routine today. At no point could I claim to be bored or really lament about ugliness surrounding me. Instead I got to imagine the lives of the people who live in these neighbourhoods that Aryn and I passed on our drive to and from the various U-Haul locations across the city (long story short, we arrived at the south location only to discover that our reservation was in fact for another location across the city). I suppose imagining what sort of people lived in these houses helped me to ignore the increasing levels of stress related to our move.

I’m afraid though that I can find no coping mechanism for my increasing levels of stress related to my computer right now. My wireless connection is being very finicky and I can’t seem to stay connected for more than a couple minutes at a time. I think I will have to put off what I’m trying to finish today until tomorrow. I will do tomorrow what I would rather do today.