concentration exercises


Somehow, without my knowing it, I must have pleased the gods of the housing industry (only my sister and my cousin would understand that reference) enough for them to grant me a loft as my first owned property. I don't know how it happened... slowly but surely I have transitioned into a young urban professional. All I need now is a small Pomeranian that fits in my purse that I can take to the market on weekends.

These ridiculous musings though are not serving to distract me from my high level of frustration right now. There are numerous fantastic things going on in my life... my relationship is extremely positive and makes me happy, I'm going to be living in a fantastic location in a space that I like and own... but part of me still feels stagnant. I know that a lot of it is due to this low period of productivity that I am enduring. I just can't seem to kick it. I know it's going to be over soon. I just haven't been able to concentrate.

I'm a bit upset at the moment. My sister and her friend have been planning to move to Edmonton for a couple months now. They put in an application for our apartment building a few weeks ago, and received a call that they had a suite in the building. Yesterday, the rental office called to tell them that they either needed to provide proof of employment in Edmonton or get a consignor. So I went in and signed the forms for them, thinking things were all settled and they had nothing to worry about any more. However, today they were told that their application was rejected and because the rental office had no legal obligation to tell them why they were rejected they had no idea why. This was really ridiculous. I called the office to ask for more info, since I couldn't quite understand what would have been wrong with my credit (I've lived in the same building for a year, Aryn for two), but apparently it has nothing to do with me but probably more to do with the fact that they don't have jobs yet. I was angry, and I wanted to talk to the manager, but the girl on the phone told me that she was out to lunch (which I found quite amusing but could only laugh on the inside). What I don't understand is if they were really concerned about employment status then why did they bother to ask for a consignor? It really doesn't make any sense. Basically they just denied me (a current tenant who has not been a problem and regularly pays rent) from extending my lease. As a consignor I was liable for their rent... that's the whole point of getting a consignor. Apparently though they operate differently at that office. I am truly displeased with the service of this rental office. They put my sister is a really awkward situation because since they told her that she had a suite in the building she gave notice at her current residence. Now where is she supposed to live? What is even more annoying is that this building does not require that you are employed while you are living there. The majority of the people who live there are students... and when I moved in I didn't have a job and neither did my roommate. Grrrr...