the house that friends built


After spending the day feeling less than terrific (Aryn and I were up until two in the morning finishing moving from our apartment, many hours behind schedule) I am finally allowing myself to be really excited about our new space. We've owned the loft for almost five months but the prospect of living here has always seemed more dream than reality. I had a picture in my mind of what the space was going to turn out like, but as we tore up the floor and knocked down walls, I became more and more disillusioned with the idea of picking up from the apartment that I was comfortably settled in, moving to this new living area that we had tore apart.

But now, as I'm sitting here enjoying the evening sun through my west facing windows I'm glad that we took the risk and went through with buying this place and renovating it. Thanks to all of my friends (and my friends through Aryn as well) who helped us tear this place apart and put it back together. Without their help I don't think I would be able to enjoy the evening sunset as much as I am now.


  1. I'm very happy for you both. Re-read your last sentence, it should be would, not wouldn't.