love nest vs. money pit


Every so often I reach a state of tiredness where one of my eyelids start to twitch. I am at that point and it is only the beginning of the week. Thanks to the help of my wonderful Papa, Aryn and I are well into the renovations of our condomaximus. My father arrived to help on Wednesday evening and what was meant to be a quick site survey turned into an impromptu demo session. We tore up the majority of the floor and started to knock down some walls. By Thursday afternoon my father had dismantled the kitchen and removed the other walls that we decided to eliminate from the space. Friday involved additional demo, including a trip to the Clover Bar Landfill to get rid of all the items that we could not find another use for. Saturday was a little more constructive, my father finished wiring the kitchen and built the structure for the kitchen wall. The days were long and my young bones ached at the end of each day. Yesterday, after a disappointing brunch at the Blue Chair Cafe (good company, poor service), Aryn and I returned to our labour and spent the rest of the day prepping our floors (a labour intensive process of sweeping,mopping, scrubbing, and scraping up the leftover crud from years gone by). We were making reasonable progress until we reached the final stage of the gunk removal, when we applied Circa 1850 to the gluey bits on the floor (as instructed by our flooring fellows). Much to our dismay, the miracle remover refused to be removed. After some vigorous attempts to scrape and then chisel the offensive junk from the floor we angrily gave up, deciding it was best to leave this problem to the experts.