It's Day Two of my visit to Fort St. John. Yesterday I was feeling a bit sick (*kaff, kaff) so I hung around the house and did a whole lot of nothing. I finished reading JPod by Douglas Coupland and watched a series of boring home movies from the family archives. My family likes to do this when our significant others are around, because our movies are really quite boring and it's our way of torturing others.

After dinner with the fam, I went with my two brothers, blonde sister-in-law and my blonde beau to the other end of town, where we proceeded to watch more television. Apparently it's what we do. It somehow became Simon Pegg night, and Aryn was introduced to the wonder that is Shaun of the Dead and we both finally got to see the brilliant Hott Fuzz. Both are not only hilarious but also very clever and I highly recommend them. My sister suggested that I watch the series Spaced, and I think I will have to follow up on her advice.

This is a short post, but potato peeling duties await. However, while we're on the subject of clever cinema,watch this short film that I found on (the best alternative to MySpace that I have ever come across. If you're into social networking check this site out). Either watch the embedded video clip below or see the video on Virb.

Edit: The video seems to have disappeared from Virb, so here it is on YouTube instead.