I'd like to introduce you to my ex-girlfriend's sister who hates me...


I've think that I've been pretty good about not saying anything too horrible about my loser ex-boyfriend. To give him a little credit, he could be nice from time to time and he had a genuine love of the outdoors, but despite all that I still think that he can be quite dumb sometimes.

Take for example this recent event that my mother informed me of today (and for the concerned party, yes, this is very similar wording to the email I sent you earlier).

My younger sister A. hears a knock on the door the other day. She wonders to herself, "Who can that be?" So she goes to the door and opens it, and it's loser ex, there to introduce his girlfriend who is moving into the suite upstairs. I have to wonder why he feels the need to introduce his new girlfriend to my sister who never liked him and wasn't shy to let him know that?

What a fool that boy can be. I doubt his new girlfriend really wants to be friendly with my sister(s), especially since it would be a constant reminder to her that at one point in time her current boyfriend was lucky enough to date a beautiful and intelligent creature like the two girls who once resided in the suite below (since they are moving), only with larger breasts, thicker hair, and height.

What a fool that boy is.

My apologies to my dear sister who had to go through that ordeal.


  1. your ex-GIRLfriend?

  2. the title is in the voice of loser ex-boyfriend, so yes, his ex-girlfriend's sister

  3. I'm afraid to say that loser ex actually came to the door to bring mail for chickiebabe that had been brought to the upstairs mailbox. And I, in my state of shock, actually asked if I could meet her. So despite his obvious faults, it was me who instigated the whole thing, not him. And truth be told, I gained nothing from the whole experience except to learn that she was fairly cold even though I was being all "peaches and cream" to her (haha). And honestly, I could have foreseen that she wouldn't really care to know me. So ya.