bitterness deflection


just a touch of gold
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It can be argued that I was in need of a photo excursion. This afternoon provided such an opportunity.

I took my regular place in the passenger seat in Adolf the white Ford focus with my chum W. and his assorted new camera gear, and we set off for the country in search of fields of canola.

I'm not a landscape photographer... but the excursion was lovely just the same as I took a few pictures that I like and it was a nice escape from town.

This photo represents W.'s attempts to deflect my bitter conversation. The clouds and the touch of gold in the reflector says a combination of, "Cheer up, Charlie (guess the film reference) / Give me a smile / What happened to the smile I used to know / Don't you know your grin has always / Been my sunshine / Let that sunshine show..." and "every cloud has a gold lining." And yes I mean gold, since the reflector is gold not silver.

I'm trying to be positive... photo therapy helps.

Anyhow, I must sleep.