you don't have to be houdini to escape the cubicle


There are times when I substitute this...

you work hard for your money

for this...

temporary replacement for a desk

What of course the photo above doesn't show is of course the larger context of where that bench is located, nor does it allow you to hear the sound of the water feature nearby or demonstrate how one might approach a project a little bit different than when one is confined by cubicle walls. Of course, as far as cubicles go, mine isn't that bad. As far as views are concerned,


bell tower

can still compete well with this.

a place of higher learning

However, I take particular delight in working in different locations. It's not only good for me mentally, but it also adds a bit of variety to my normal routine. Also it allows me to see things that I might not otherwise get to experience if I were to spend every day during regular working hours in the same spot.

I realize that my work mobility is a huge luxury and may cease to exist at some point. But it's not like I'm taking advantage of this mobility. I just happen to work really well under these type of circumstances.

elements of a mobile office

After spending the most of the day in the office, I packed up my laptop, camera and notebook(s) to work from home for the rest of the afternoon (and now evening). But as I walked past Enterprise Square (the downtown campus of the University of Alberta) I was lured inside by the memory of the last productive afternoon I had spent there, sitting on a bench with my laptop, editing blog posts and drafting up various presentations, accompanied by the gentle sound of falling water (yes, that's the water feature I referred to earlier).

out of office reply

The one downside to my impromptu decision to work al fresco (psuedo al-fresco since I was under cover and could only see the sky through a skylight) was that I forgot to carry a powercord so I could juice up the super computer. Thankfully though, I've got some mean cursive skills and not afraid to put pen to paper when required. And friends, that was required.


  1. I generally trade beige for grey. Just better with our skin tone, you know?