one girl, one move, and many big hearts


I've made it, the final week in the apartment. I won't have to say goodbye to a totally empty space. When I finally leave my keys on the kitchen counter I will be leaving behind empty shelves and drawers, but also my couch, desk and assorted plants. Some things have started to disappear. I've emptied out my closet drawers and the fridge has been close to empty for weeks. Last night I came home to discover that blondie had absconded with the living room rug and coffee table, leaving only dusty footprints where the plush rug once lay. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. It's okay though, I'm not really mourning the loss of my material possessions. I can remember how the rug used to feel under my bare feet. I can recall the softness of the wool in my hands. That rug really was the type you see in ads, where people lay about and marvel at the luxuriousness of the surface. *sigh. Maybe I'll replace it in the new apartment. The old one was too big for the new living room anyhow.

going to extremities

In this final week there is much to do. The new apartment is not quite completely painted, but yesterday I risked aggravating my wrist injury by painting the office/guest bedroom (which over the weekend played host to its first guest). Like so many older apartments, the bedrooms lack any overhead light so I had to paint furiously until the sun had disappeared and then finish with the aid of a little halogen work light. I have yet to see the room in the daylight but the gentleman told me that it looks quite good. We'll be skipping the second coat for the time being. There is only so much painting I can handle in a week, especially when I won't have time to paint during the day and will not have the proper light by which to paint at night. Besides, I have to finish packing.

home office

I met the new owners over the weekend and I was most pleased to discover that they do not own a car and are avid cyclist. They were also so complementary about the design and decor of the space which made me feel infinitely better about leaving it with them. The one owner even remarked that the prospect of living here was going to make her enjoy her time more in Edmonton. And that pleased me even more. I felt the same way when I first moved in here.

I will cease to bore you with tales of my move for the time being. It's not the only thing that's been on my mind lately, I even have another blog post in the works that is completely unrelated.